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Quality gravel solutions for various purposes

Crushed gravel in Ravenna, OH

•  #4 crushed gravel (1/2” – 1 ½”)

•  #3 crushed gravel (1 ½” – 2 ½”)

•  #304 crushed gravel (ODOT certified)

We're conveniently located, and all

our materials are

mined on-site.

Gravel for Your Construction Needs

Are you looking for quality crushed gravel near Ravenna, OH? Well, look no further, turn to Beck Sand and Gravel, Inc. for gravel that will meet your construction or landscaping needs.


The process is closely monitored and products are routinely tested to ensure they meet our quality standards. Choose us for durable gravel today!

•  Landscapers

•  Construction companies

•  Supply yards

•  Municipalities

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